Friday, September 14, 2012

Hearth and Home: Seasonal Cooking in the Colonial Kitchen

Experience first hand the emergence of our unique American appetite, as the period leading up to the Revolutionary War brings together elements of English, German, French, and Native recipes! Distinctively taught in the intimate Summer kitchen at Graeme Park, the Hearth and Home cooking series will give participants the opportunity to prepare a full colonial meal over an open wood fire, as would have been enjoyed by the Graeme family during their time in the Keith House.

Each class is taught by experienced site interpreter Erin Agnew, and will focus on the seasonal availibility of foods in Southeastern Pennsylvania . Each class includes a hands-on lesson in open hearth cooking and the opportunity to enjoy your authentic meal in our equally historic setting.

Classes will take place on: September 29, December 8, March 9, May 11, beginning at 10:30 am and ending between 2:00 and 3:00 pm. Participation Cost is $55.00 per class, or $200.00 for the series of four classes. Pre-registration and payment in advance is required. Registration will remain open until two days before each class
To register, or for more information: 215-343-0965 or visit

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