Friday, September 14, 2012

Two-thirds Done

And yes, it took some mad math skillz to figure out exactly how far along we were in the process - basically 8 of the 12 roof divisions (north side/south side x upper slope/lower slope x left of chimney/between chimneys/right of chimey=good thing I'm not an engineer) are now complete and we've been told they should be close to finished in another week or so.

I kind of like the mossy finish on the old shingles....

By the time the crew from Ressler Construction out of Brownsville was finishing up today, they'd completed the central section of the lower slope of the north side, which was just about another 1/12th of the roof, considering when they started they were only up to the second dormer.

As you can see pretty clearly in the above photo, they're also removing the siding from the dormers as they go. This will be replaced and painted the "new" shade of blue that will eventually grace all of the window frames and doors (review of the paint analysis done previously revealed the current color is just a shade off) and new crown moulding is being fabricated by the PHMC's Architectural and Preservation staff.

To see the roof project as it progressed, view the beginning of the project here, the continuation of the project here, and a comparison of the 1960s roofing project to the current one here. 

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  1. Wow, such beautiful work you have done to that home. How long as that taken you? I'm a roofer serving Falmouth ME, and I would love to get projects like this! I've been in the industry for several decades and have some great photos on my site. Hopeful that you'll check them out and let me know what you think.


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