Saturday, September 22, 2012

Three-Quarters Done

So, how much more can I say about this roofing project? We're at the one month mark and it's 3/4 done. Hopefully just one more week to go to complete the upper slope of the north side and the re-siding and painting of the dormers. Since there isn't much to say, let's just start in with the photos. I actually managed to catch the two man crew from Ressler Construction at work on Friday afternoon (not to insinuate they're never working - just seems when I pop out at lunch they're also on break and they travel out from Lancaster County so they've left by the time I leave in the evening.)

After seeing that man standing on top of the roof I take back any thoughts I ever had that this would be a fun job, working with all that yummy smelling cedar outside in the gorgeous weather we've had of late -- if  you don't know our roof is very high.

Below is where the project stands as of the end of the day yesterday - the lower slope is shingled, the dormers are all stripped of their siding and have their roofing material on, so we only have the top slope to go, plus the siding and painting of the dormers, before the job is complete.


  1. Oh my! It’s almost finished! I’m excited to see the finished product! :) In taking care of roofing shingles, there should be regular check-ups. During the check-up, the homeowner should check for damaged or loose shingles. Also, to make the loose shingles stick again, additional tar should be applied to make sure it won’t fall off.

    Willie Norman

  2. Wow! Great house! I love the walls, but the roofing is even better. Is this Cedar Shake Roof?

  3. This is coming out so nice. Congrats on such beautiful work. Make sure you post some photos once all is completed!

    1. Yes, the roof is done - final pictures here -


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