Friday, August 3, 2012

#FirstFridayFail: August 2012

It was bound to happen sooner or later: the first Friday of the month (the day I take the same picture of the summer kitchen and garden to see how things evolve throughout the year) found me sans camera, so this month's photo is brought to you courtesy of my non-smart Samsung flip phone. While I have finally mastered getting the photos from the phone to the computer, I did forget (and in bright sunlight you can't see the screen well enough to tell) that to get a horizontal photo you need to turn the phone on its side (the opposite of photographing with a camera) so we started out with this:

Thanks to a little creative cropping and some photo editing on, the result isn't half bad, all things considered. The photo was taken just before noon, on a hazy, overcast (and humid as heck) day. We have a pretty yellow weed in bloom, and some volunteers from Burpee Seeds were out last week with plans to get some fall crops in with seeds donated by their company, so hopefully things will start to look more lively out there soon.

Since August also marks another four month interval, let's look back on the previous photos we've taken. January - April things were looking like this:

And May - August we had this:

If you'd like to see the original posts with the photos in full size, you can view January, February, March, April, May, June, and July by clicking the links.

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