Sunday, June 28, 2015

Special Places: 1989 Photo Shoot at Graeme Park

During a recent cleaning and reorganizing of our library bookshelves, I came across an interesting little booklet called "Special Places." Flipping through pictures of old properties I suddenly stopped on a familiar image: "That's Graeme Park. But that's not our furniture! What the heck is this?" Looking more closely at the captions, I realized it was a catalog for Martex bedding. They had used Graeme Park, and several other historic properties, as settings for their product lines. None of the locations are identified, although Fonthill in Doylestown is rather distinctive and recognizable if you've been there and I believe the first set of pictures is at Ephrata Cloister (also a PHMC property). If anyone can identify the other locales, we'd love to hear from you.

Ephrata Cloister

Graeme Park

Unknown Location

Unknown Location

Fonthill Castle

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