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Historical News and Notes: Balloon Up 17,050 Feet - Banker and Doctors Ascend in the Philadelphia II

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The following appeared in the June 17, 1910 New York Tribune:

Philadelphia, June 16 - A new altitude record for this state was made to-day by the balloon Philadelphia II, with Dr. Thomas E. Eldridge, Dr. George H. Simmerman and Welsh Strawbridge, a well known banker, in the basket. A height of 17,050 feet was attained. The former record was 15,600 feet, made by the Ben Franklin two years ago.

The ascension was made from this city shortly after 9 o'clock this morning. The landing occured at Petersville, Northampton County sixty miles distant, at 11:35 o'clock. The airship dropped 17,000 feet in eighteen minutes.

The world's record for altitude is 10,500 metres (34,448 feet), held by Berson and Luerin. The American record is 24,200 feet made by Clifford B. Harmon and Augustus Post last October.

Welsh Strawbridge, along with his wife Margaret, purchased Graeme Park in 1920 and donated it to the state of Pennsylvania in 1958.

The Library of Congress has made historic newspapers dating from 1836-1922 available through their Chronicling America Series.

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