Friday, February 8, 2013

Orrie the Ambassador

If you've been out to visit us here at Graeme Park recently, you may have been greeted by a black and white tuxedo cat. That's Oreo. Or Orrie as we've come to call him. We also call him the Ambassador because he seems to have a special talent for getting along with all types, human and feline. I'm pretty sure Orrie was born here at the park, I first saw him when he was 3 or 4 months old darting around behind the barn, dashing in through a small break at the bottom of the shed door. He was wild then, but with age and maturity and wisdom (he's all of about 3 now) he's gotten pretty friendly with those who bring his dinner. Like most domestic cats, he doesn't quite get that the food would get in the bowl faster if he wasn't winding around the legs of the food bringer, trying to trip them up.

He's also been remarkably friendly with the other cats here at the park, including the newcomers. One of the basic tenets of TNR (trap-neuter-release) is that by stabilizing the population of the resident colony by neutering them, they will defend the territory and keep the colony from growing by driving off additional ferals. Not Orrie. When Graeme showed up with his four lady friends, Orrie welcomed them to share his food and his shelters. He snuggles with them, rubs up on them, and is worshipped by a certain little lady cat named Fergie, who follows him around faithfully. He brings them dead mousies to share and may even be trying to teach them to hunt, a skill they seemed to be lacking in, if their condition when they arrived was any indication.

Even our resident cat-hater has declared "I like that cat."

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