Friday, December 7, 2012

Historical News and Notes: Graeme Park Man Victim of Hold-Up at Willow Grove

The following appeared in the Evening Public Ledger, published December 7, 1921.

Graeme Park Man Victim of Hold-Up at Willow Grove

Clarence McCoy, employed by J. Welsh Strawbridge, at Graeme Park, north of the city, has reported to the Abington police that he was robbed of $176 by two men while waiting for a trolley car at Willow Grove, after being drugged by the smoke of a "cigar."

McCoy says he was drugged and while in this condition the men took the money from an inside pocket and escaped.

"The men engaged me in conversation," McCoy said "and one of the men asked me if I could change $500 in notes of large denomination. He said he was about to negotiate a real estate deal, and did not want the agent to realize just how much money he had. I told them I had only $200.

"One of the men, who had introduced himself as the Rev. Mr. Harris, was puffing away at a large cigar and was exhaling the smoke in my face. I noticed it had a very unusual odor, but I thought nothing of it, until I suddenly became dazed and leaned against an iron pole for support. It was the smoke that drugged me."

The Library of Congress has made historic newspapers, dating from 1836-1922, available in their Chronicling America Series. Papers are easily searchable by keywords and location.

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