Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let's Shout it from the Rooftop: The Roof is Done!

Can I get a huzzah? Just over six weeks after they began, the two man crew from Ressler Construction, Brownsville, PA, finished up the roof and dormers on the Keith House earlier this week. We've been following the progress since the project began on August 24, so for the entire process from the beginning, see our previous posts here, here, here, here, and here. And now, because there isn't much more to say, the pictures:


  1. Wow! The rooftop is done! Let me shout it with you! Hehehe. It does look good. The color of the roof really complements the brick walls of the house. The design creates a sort of balance to the whole ensemble. Plus, the blue windows made the house vibrantly pleasing. :)

  2. I’ve seen all of your posts, and what a journey it has been for your house. :D What amazes me is that you divided the house into different sections and worked on each of them thoroughly. Even though it took some time for you to finish it, it definitely paid off. I’m sure visitors will be in awe when they see the house. Congrats!

  3. You are well-rewarded for the six weeks of hard labor you put in to the rooftop. The oak shingles were definitely perfect for the house’s bricked structure. You know, I thought that painting the windows and the door blue wasn’t a good idea, but the lightness of the color produced a great balance. Congrats!

    1. The new shingles are actually cedar, replacing the oak from 1989. The blue trim is based on paint analysis and is the color that the trim was painted in the mid- to late-1700s.

  4. Finally, it’s done! What a big difference it made to your home. Looking back at your previous post, you can actually tell how it changed the atmosphere and overall look of the house. It’s brighter, livelier and new. The light blue of the trims also stand-out beautifully. Kudos to your contractors!


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