Saturday, June 30, 2012

Revised Celtic Schedule

Just a very small revision to the schedule, Dan Emery and Carl Peterson are switching spots in the morning, and Carl will be taking Dan's place in the afternoon. The revised schedule is below, with links to the performers and embedded videos so you can check out just how awesome they all are:

Flag Raising
11:00—Pipe and Drum Bands

Keith House Stage
11:30-12:15—Bagpipe Demo (Dan Emery)

12:30-1:15—Carl Peterson
1:30-2:00—Pipe and Drum Bands
2:00-2:45—The Celtic Martins

3:00-3:30—Pipe and Drum Bands
3:30-4:15—The Celtic Martins
4:30—Athletics Awards & Haggis Trophy
5:00-5:45—The Barley Boys
5:45-6:00—Pipe and Drum Bands
6:00-6:45—The Barley Boys

Keith House Courtyard
House Tours
Kilt-Maker (Bonnie Heather Greene)
69th Irish Civil War Regiment
Hearth Cooking

Festival Tent
12:30-1:00—Sabo School of Irish Dance
1:30-2:15—Celtic Stories & Songs (Ruthanne Ankney)
2:30-3:15—Carl Peterson
3:00-3:30—Sabo School of Irish Dance
4:00—Haggis Eating Contest

Field 1
11:30-3:30—Highland Athletics

Field 2
1:00-1:45—Border Collie/Herding Demo
3:30-4:15—Border Collie/Herding Demo

Here is a preview of the sheep herding from the Celtic Classic a few year's ago.

Barn Yard
Children’s Crafts & Games
Carl Peterson
The Kilted Juggler
2:15—Celtic Dance Demo/Lesson
2:30– Kilt-Making Demo
3:00—Celtic Instrument Demo/Show and Tell

Visitor’s Center
3:15—Celtic Language Instruction (Casey O’Connor)

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