Friday, May 25, 2012

Landscaping Progress

The grass and shrubs that were planted around the wedding tent back in April are starting to green up and bloom quite nicely in the little amount of time they've been here.

For review, here is the back area of the tent when it was first planted and seeded....

....and a few weeks ago when the Rhododendrons were in full bloom. Notice too how nicely the grass has filled in and turned bright, bright green.

The grass around the path has also sprouted up in the last few weeks....

....and the trees at the entrance to the tent are leafing out.

What I thought was an ornamental grass in the beds surrounding the tent entrance turned out to be lillies and they are just starting to bloom too.

The space is coming along quite nicely and we'll be having our first wedding out there in mid-June, with two others to follow in early fall.


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  2. Its really Cool ! It's alot of work, but it looks like you're doing it right. It's all gonna be soooo worth it, and so pretty. When you put down that beautiful mulch you're gonna be so tickled with it, it's all gonna just pop!
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